Great Feelings

Dec 2, 2008, 2:15 AM |

One Time I saw a man .. he was thinking too much and putting his hand on his head .. and his eyes were full of tears  and the tears started flowing down to his cheeks..  I felt sorry about him , I decided to ask him at last .. what makes you cry?  .. but he couldn't answer and continued his cry ...and I started to cry same as him  .. AS I saw his great feelings .. and his cry was without any sound .. but I felt his heart was crying ...I asked him again .. did you lost something .. he said . No..

did you do any sin .. and he said . no

did you lost money and something important .. and he said no

did you lost a friend .. he replied .. no

are you sick .. no

do you feel any kind of

can i help you

I started to feel his warm feelings .. and I begged him to tell me .. what is the reason  of his cry ..

then he started to prepare him self  for talking .. and he cleaned his tears with a napkin ..

he said at last : I was talking to my best friend about his choice about somthing .. and I couldn't help him  in his decision  . I know that he was wrong but i couldn't convince him with the right thing ..I tried my best to tell him and I wish that he listen to me .. but he was stubborn.. and I feel sorry for him ...

and my heart get affected ... and started to think about him .. as he was very close to me . and I couldn't help him ...if i don't care about him then I will not cry..and never think about him again .

he was thinking  that he was doing the right thing .. but he doesn't know what i know .. and he was looking from his limited point of view ..

and as I loved him  I felt so sad about him ..that kind of sadness which touched my heart and make my whole body feel Chills is the honest love . which a man could feel it in a very special  occasions .and  limited times  with a very  honest feelings ..

I was afraid about him and feel that I am ready to do anything and save him from this wrong decision..

then I told this man ... people as you.. are rare in this time ..

nobody cares about  anybody or even about his friends. even if they go to hell  .. such feeling that you were feeling .. is really  a great and honest feeling full of mercy and love ..and this pure feeling will bring your Friend to you again ..and he will listen to you again ..just be patient  please and never give up .. and try to pray for him more .. and more