Healthy chess

Apr 9, 2008, 9:02 PM |

how to be healthy after you play chess !

chess is a win , lose and draw , 

if you play the game , you shouldn't look who won , who lost , just look at the peices , the peices are moving around , and there is no real meaning of losing and winning , try to think of the good time that you spent playing ,

give your self a reward after the game , ... juice  will be good , 

stand up , walk ,  make somereal moves here and there, don't let the peices only move

make your self busy in following up something ..

watch tv.  look at the sky , 

don't worry about the next game , if you will win or lose again ...


the win is giving nice feelings sometimes ,, 

but even if you lost , if you turn the board you are the winner also

you are the winner because you also played ,  you did something ..