Jan 4, 2009, 3:37 AM |

what a great word that the woman will like it  from you and was waiting for it long  time  ! and it means a lot for her .

you want to marry because :

1) you are ready to  take care of her

2) be honest with her

3) give her her rights

4) ready to make family .

5) ready to take care of  children

6) a promise to her that  you will not look at others

7) a promise that you will Love and keep loving

8) it is a long contract and not quick relationship

9) It is the love of the soul not only body

10) the marriage is the only umbrella that keep the woman happy 

11) the marriage is legal by God and government

12) the marriage will keep the children from getting lost

13) the Marriage can tell the child  that you are his  real father

14 ) the marriage is a protection for the woman .

15 ) the marriage is the title of the faithfulness


If the girl kept her self until she get marry then that is the Real happiness for her .. and she is making the first step to establish the marriage and never demolish it

the girl which give herself  as a girlfriend  is preventing the future  husband from the happiness .. as he will keep remember that she was for another person before ..

the man who accept to be a boyfriend also is helping the girl to prevent her and himself also from future happiness .

and ask your self this question when you know someone do you really want to stay forever with him/her  , then why you don't marry her/him ..

The marriage is only the solution for  the society ! and the only proof for the Real love !