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May 29, 2008, 4:26 AM 2

All of us are trying to build our minds ( brains ) in a perfect way , and we are using all kind of logical games , puzzles, mathmatics , .. thinking .... to keep our brain alive , to make it better , .. but for sometimes only ,.....

because we are growing up , and getting old , .....

we have a great conlclusion  of that ..... the end of life , ,,,, is not the end

 and we have our Brain to help us in this life and guide us to get something .. to understand something ... spiritual thing.... and to keep us and protect us from  just living for food and drink ......

so what is the Target .... is it just living ..... No!!

it is really an exam ..... to see who is good ,,,who is not ...... 

and if there is a result , then who put the Results , and who will give us rewards 


who put the rules to differentiate good from bad .... 


the Logic will guide us ...to the truth always... but we should also ask for the truth .... and keep asking . searching .. comparing ... and discussing 


we cann't get everthing ourselves. nobody own the whole knowledge or even the whole money or Gold in the world ... everyone has his share ... and that's why ... the Rich should give the poor ... and all should coordinate to win at last ...Smile

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