Naked photos

Oct 18, 2008, 7:14 AM |

When  a girl put a naked photos ,,then...,see the comments,,,,,

(to be continue!!!!!

sorry ....just now i got the some time to continue ,,,,)

i am not surprised to read the comments under the naked photos which uploaded  by some girls and women ...

very hot

very sexy

nice legs///

and those are here this site

all are looking for the body ,,the beauty..

mayby you may find some comments as:

you play good..

but that's very rare

so my conclusion is that ,,when God asked from the girls and women to cover the body ,,it was a great thing ,so that nobody will keep looking and dreaming about that ,,and also that was a great exam for them ,, weather they are going to opey or not

see what is going now arround .... a sex revelution,,,, tv...internet..cenema,,, full of sex..and nudity...

and that is sure not good..and some are using it to get money..or to abuse//


any way .. a man should be carefull ,,and think about the  most important subject.....How he can enter paradise last ,,to live there forever......


best wishes!!