NOAH The Amazing Prophet

Dec 15, 2008, 8:59 AM |

His Name in Arabic Is  Noh =  نوح   three letters only

( we read arabic from right to left )     ن = N     و = O    ح= h  

there is a full chapter (sora) with his name in the  Quran ,,

Its No. is  71  and with 28  verses    

His name mentioned in the whole Quran 43 times which is also 71- 28

(I counted them myself)

isn't amazing to find his name 43 times ... while his chapter no. Minus the verses no.  is also the same ?  who can make that ?

the number of the whole verses of the Quran is 6236  with huge no. of words ... who can sort them and count them and make such a book

another amazing info :

his name repeated 43 times  in 28 chapters (sora) also ...(same as the verses of his chapter)

we have 114 chapters (sora) in the whole book

and the last chapters  (Sora ) mentioned his name was : No . 71

so  114 - 71 = 43   chapters (didn't mentioned his name ... after his chapter) 


from 1 to 71  we have 28 chapters mentioned Noah name

and  71 - 28   =  43 chapters didn't mentioned his name  before his chapter(no 71)


Noah's age was 950 years 

the chapter of Noah  has 953  words   =  his age 950 + 3 his name letters

as his name mentioned three times only in this chapter ...

He said in the book :

Alif-Lam-Ra. (This is) a Book, the Verses whereof are perfected , and then explained in detail from Allah, Who is All-Wise and Well- Acquainted (with all things).