Numerical Miracles ... Why ?

Dec 25, 2008, 11:41 AM |

What are the benefits of the  Numerical miracles and relationships in the Quran ?

  1.  To prove that the Book is from GOD .. and that no body can bring same as it many books are there in the whole world now .... did you see any book has such relationships between the Titles and verses and the words and letters  and the science  ....if this book is not from GOD .. then you will find lot of contradictions.. and errors
  2.  To prove that the book has never been changed ... and if any letter or word or sentence changed .. then that would affect the numbers ...

for example :

  • the most word that repeated in the Quran is  (ALLAH ) .... does that mean anything ... or it is just a coincidence ?
  • the number that  repeated more is Number one !