Nov 5, 2008, 7:34 AM |

How do you look into paradise , and what do you Imagine when you think about  it ?

It is really Great to be in paradise and live there forever . No Death . No pain ... No Bad things No Bad words .. Nothing to annoy or disturbe..

everything is Beautiful .. you get what you wish and like ...

your age will be 33 and you will have a great body and face ..

rivers of honey .. and sweet water ..and  the Good wine ((( which is not like this bad wine on earth .. the cause of Cancer )))

you will never get Sick ,,, never get angry  never feel Sad

always Happy , and many many nice people with you and for you ...

All fruits ... all kind of Food ... Lot of trees . Lot of Lands .. Lot of palaces and homes...

your utensils will be of gold and silver and your cups will be of gold.

The beds are made of GOLD

The matte used in your censors will be the aloe wood, and your sweat will smell like musk

for the man will be many wives .. and the woman will get many many servants ..

No frivolity will be heared therein nor anything sinful ,, only the saying, ,Peace! Peace!

Every fruit Or enjoyment  will be there for you , and you shall have whatever you call for..

What Do you wish more ....

Be sure that you will Get it...