Dec 23, 2008, 10:56 PM |

I am sure you know a lot about pharaoh the  most powerful person in ancient Egypt, the king  Egypt.

But there is one among them whos name is the  pharaoh of moses means the pharaoh who was living at the time  moses was living and there was a great challenge between them and then MOSES won..! and pharaoh Drown

This is a new  information about  Pharaoh

The Quran said about him :

(Today we will preserve your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you.).

Or  :

( So this day We shall deliver your (dead) body (out from the sea) that you may be a sign to those who come after you!

THey found his  Mummy in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and tehy proved that this is his body.

Pharaoh's body floated to shore after being drowned, was found and mummified by the Egyptians.

This  is a great sign mentioned before 1400 years .. to prove the existance of GOD plus that the Quran is also from him ....