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Prostration  Sura ( chapter )   No. is 32   and it has  30   Verses 

In ARABIC  it is    سورة السجدة

and the chapters ( suras ) those  mentioned the word prostration and it is derivations  are 32 chapters  also

the words of this chapter are 372 words

when we read the whole Quran there are 15 verses which we do  prostration  after we read them ..

and in this chapter  the verse No that have prostration is No. 15  (the middle of the chapter )

" إنما يؤمن بآياتنا الذين إذا ذكروا بها خروا سجّدا وسبّحوا بحمد ربهم وهم لا يستكبرون "

the word سجّدا   : prostrate     is number  186  (from the start of the chapter)  also it is in the middle of the chapter words  (total words are 372 words)

Prostration benefits :

  1. it gives relief to the person
  2. he gets at least a transient refuge from the agonizing problems.
  3. When a person goes to the position of prostration his whole body is in active motion.
  4.  This position can be considered as a mini dive as the one who offers prayer  goes to rest his forehead on the ground while his hands are placed at the sides.
  5. This brings most of the body muscles if not all in active motion and serves to give them some exercise.
  6. The hands are then specifically stretched out and thence the forearm as well as arm muscles are supposed to bear the weight in the Sajdah position.
  7. It gives good exercise to the muscles of the upper limb.
  8.  Prostration is a unique position as this is the only position in which brain (or head) becomes lower than the heart and hence for the first time the blood gushes towards the brain with full force whereas in all other positions (even when lying) brain is above the heart when it has to work against gravity to send blood to the brain.
  9.  In the position of Prostration due to the increased blood supply the brain receive more nourishment and it has good effect upon memory, vision, hearing, concentration, psyche and all other cognitive abilities.
  10.  People who offer their prayers regularly have more will power and can cope with the difficulties of life in a much better manner. They have less incidence of headaches, psychological problems and other defects of cognitive function.
  11.  In the unique position of Sajdah the neck muscles get best exercise. They have to bear the load when the forehead lies at the ground hence the neck muscles become stronger. One can note the tense pressure at the neck muscles in the position of Prostration specially the active motion of the neck and the facial muscles when the head is being lifted. (e.g. one inch above the ground) and it will be noticed that they are in a very active motion.
  12.  More strong cervical muscles mean the cervical vertebra will be better protected. Strength of cervical muscles is important as the head rests upon cervical vertebra supported by cervical musculature.
  13. Infact head performs rotator movements over the cervical vertebra. In any accident cervical neck examination is especially important to the physicians because of its extraordinary importance.It is uncommon that a person who offers his prayers regularly will get the usual neck myalgias or cervical spondylosis as the neck muscles particularly become very strong due to the 34 prostrations offered daily in five prayers.
  14. Position of Prostration  is also said to be a good treatment for the retroversion of uterus, a disease of women.
  15. Most of us do not know that the position of Sajdah is an excellent exercise for men (for manpower). It may be a good information to the Viagra dependents. While getting up from Prostration  the perinneal muscles are one of those muscles which have to pull the trunk back to sitting position and they contract actively. Similarly while standing up from Sajdah the perennial muscles are again actively mobilised and this gives much strength to the muscles important for manpower.
  16. The unique position of Prostration also has positive effects upon the back muscles as while going into Sajdah and getting up from it the back muscle contract actively and they become stronger. Probably it is because of this reason that a person who is regular in prayers will uncommonly get backache.
  17. After performing the Prostration  either the person stands up or he sits. In this position the person sits calmly while his hands rest at his thighs which are folded backwards. This is much similar to the relaxation position of Yoga and has soothing effect upon one's health and mentation.
  18. Holy Prophet Muhammad used to elongate the position of Ruku (bending) and prostration positions and he advised to do so.

 In the light of the above facts it is appropriate to say that from medical point of view as well this advice is a golden rule for health.