Feb 16, 2009, 9:25 PM |

Everybody talk about science , and forget the source of science , and who gave us the science , and who wanted us to know and learn by giving us This great Gift ... The eyes ...Yes he is God ..

did you ever think ( honestly ) that without eyes what we will do , and do you think there will be any kind of science ...and how this great eye has been created and where does it come from ? is it a coincidence ?... is the computer a coincidence also ???...

Imagine that every creature has eyes, and without these eyes they can't know what to do ...

our great God wanted us to hear , to see to taste to smell,  to think , so he prepared for us  our body in a perfect way to let us know ..

no eyes  ===>  no science !!! yes !!

so who is the one who created the eye ? 

when you talk about the camera  which is just recently invented  ( 100-200) years  you make the one who created it a great man , but what about the one who created the eye for you and for every animal and creature , and how Great he is .. but you don't know or you don't want to know ....!!!