The Freedom

May 14, 2008, 11:10 PM |

How do you define the freedom ?

for the child , 

for the woman ,

for the man ,

for the student ,

for the syster

for the brother

how to control and balance the freedom with keeping the society healthy

 the freedom of smoking , drinking ,drugs ...learning, ..who can teach them if they have the freedom?

we force the child to go to school 

we force the fathers to pay for the children and take care about them 

we force the fathers to not interfere of them after 18

they have the freedom to do any thing !!!

no body can control them or teach them or interfere , they can leave the home easly with the friends ...

no relations , no respect , nothing to convince them to  opey fathers , care about them... respect them 

 does the woman really got the freedom that she was dreaming of !!!

is the freedom was in  being model , actress, drinking , smoking , be a playboy, stripper....or even to be a miss world ...

how  can  we teach  them and convince them and keep them from this freedom?