The Real Happiness

Apr 2, 2008, 12:24 AM |

is the real happiness is to be happy  now ? or in the past ,,or in the next few years

when you say I am happy now , I did  a good move !!!  in chess

is that mean you win ,,or you are still playing and need more good moves to continue the game ,, till you reach the end , then you win


same thing in the life ,, we have temporary happiness moments , we pass through them ..

and we will reach the end ... and at the end we need the prize , the absolute happiness


did you think once about that ,,

the Life has an opening ... middle .... end ..... same as the chess game

you should be goos at all stages ..


then what is the target ...... ????  is it to get old


Sure not ....


but we will get old ,, then end ..... is there something after this ???

any prize to being good ,,, any party for winning ...

Do you accept this , to  be tired in this life , then to suffer , then to get nothing

 to end without asking and requesting another life , 


to not ask to live for ever with everything you like and ask for

With Full Happiness and Reaaaaal  Happiness !!!Innocent