The Real Happiness

Nov 27, 2008, 10:09 AM |

Did anybody taste the happiness ever.. or did he differ the temporary happiness from the real happiness..and did anybody feel the very deep and real happiness  when he was very sad

I am sure that lot of people did

that deep  and real happiness is the mercy of GOD

No body can feel it until he remember GOD  the Creator and the Sustainer of this world.

you can get the temporary happiness from any source and deceive your self that you are happy , but that happiness will demolish in 1 second ..

you can only feel the real happiness  when  finding GOD , the real GOD , the true GOD ,that time you will really feel his mercy on you , and his greatness , at the same time .

you fear him  and you love him at the same time.

it is a great puzzle in this world to have various ways and solutions

but the one who will solve this puzzle he is really smart and he will live forever enjoying his victory

The Real Gold Medal  should be for him ... he is the one who did a great job

he deserve it , he was working hard .. while others are just sleeping or enjoying the temporary happiness..

do you think that by doing sins you are happy ? or by drinking  and getting drunk , or by eating the best food , or wearing the best clothes, or by being  getting a great car , house , money.....Never .. all the happiness will go quickly ..except the Real happiness.

you feel that you are happy becasue of nothing of the things in the life

and also you feel that you are not sad about anything in this life

that is because you found the eternal happiness  when you found GOD 

as he has the resources of everything , and he only can give you the perfect things  that you like ..

and when you get anything you like you are happy more about him and will never be busy from thanking him and keeping him  only in your mind and heart .

if you fill your heart with loving things and materials , then how you can love and thank him.

when you lose him , then what you are losing, you are losing everything

but if you find him and you lost everything else, then you really found everthing.

And  whenever you turn away from him, then you will have a hard life. and maybe you will sink and get lost in it.