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To be better

May 5, 2008, 6:42 AM 2

If you asked me how to improve your chess as well as your life , health ... your existance as an active person and good person who can help the society and help other human being .....

my reply is : by following these steps first

1.  Don't drink any kind of alcohol.. and don't keep your self addicted to this kind of liquid ...

Dring juice , and  kind of juice , ... water .. bring more water to your body ... you need water too much , and water is the most important liquid on earth ... everything 's life is made from  water....

2. Don't smoke .. keep your lungs clean , and fill them with oxygen ... don't hurt others by your smoke ,, keep the environment clean ...

as you  may know , smoking sigarettes producing more than 40 kinds of gases

3. reduce the  high volumes music ..sounds ...  try to not hearing too much of hard ruck music .... and  don't use headphone too much ,,(ask me why)

keep your ears clean and healthy ...


4. more trees  .. visit the mountains .  let your eyes away of the pc and tv  more hours everyday


..... more steps will come soon..

thank you  


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