Who is really smarter

May 31, 2008, 5:21 AM |

It is not ease to say I am smart  these days .. as the challenges are increasing..

before long time ,,,,for inventing and discovering small thing  they will call him a scientist ..  but now you need to do a lot , and you have not enough time to do that ..

But you really still smart .. because you are discovering the true answer to this life  and existence ..

as this mission is individual mission and challenge , because at last you only will be responsible for the result .... it is all your effort..

So you may work for yourself  and discover yourself  and then you will be great.

and you may work to discover some new inventions for the life , but without discovering yourself and your existence .. (how and why) ..

then who is really smarter ?!!

the one who lived without knowing why he was living ,,, or the person who lived this life .... and for him it was just an empty  life  without any meanings..

it is just an earth ,sky , eat , drink , enjoy , and trying to be happy ...

but he will never be happy until he knows the real answer and  the truth about  the universe .