Site themes

May 17, 2012, 4:46 AM |

I saw that users can create site themes (change background image, link/text/background colors of things) so I made one! Here's my pitiful attempt at pitching it.

It's called "Planet Earth" and features a picture of our planet for a background and all elements are in earth colors. Top bar is black though - "color" of space - but becomes tan on mouse hover.

(click images for full size) 

Here's a regular user preview:

And here is how it looks without adds (guess that's how VIPs see it):

How to get it:

Can't directly link to it, though. Here is how you can get it: Goto Home (topbar) -> Account -> Theme (top box on the right)

-- or simply click here -- 

Now type "RedBlackOrange" into the searchbox located in the top box on the right. That should bring up my theme. You can now use it, if you like it - or look at other themes/create your own.


Have fun with it/other themes on ^^