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Quitters Never Win

Nov 23, 2011, 7:38 PM 1

I've had enough with these players who choose to abandon an on-line game merely because they've been put in a tight position.  Even worse are those who, in a thirty minute game when it becomes apparent that they're at a considerable disadvantage, choose to walk away and make no moves, leaving you faced with the choice of waiting twenty-five minutes for an unsatisfactory win, or resigning from the game at a loss so you can find someone who actually wants to play.  I enjoying playing chess, so I invariably choose the latter.  What so irks me is that, beyond how rude the actions of these players are, they're only hurting themselves.  Every game offers a chance for us to learn something, and without going through those wrenching losses, they'll never improve.  I remember when I was seven years old playing with my grand-father and losing time and time again.  I learnt so much through losing, and I could never abandon the game when things went bad.  It's just common courtesy to do the same online.

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