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Learning the Clemenz opening

Learning the Clemenz opening

Dec 19, 2011, 5:12 PM 0

Well the 1 h3 opening (Clemenz opening) is an opening that I would like to get better at. I've been told that it is a horrible opening from many serious players but I find it to be rather interesting. All i have found for information about it would be a few paragraphs and I have not yet found a chess book about it.

Recently I have received this link from a friend http://chesstempo.com/gamedb/opening/339 and apparently very rare skilled chess players use 1 h3.

I am hoping to learn more about it, as i am nearly prepared to use it for the CFC. Any information about it would be great to know if someone could help me out here.

This is my first blog on chess.com and i hope to get some advice concerning this very irregular opening.

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