Chess Pieces

Jan 13, 2008, 3:32 PM |

I am going to do something that I am not sure I have seen or heard of on the site I am going to name all the chess pieces in all the languages that I know them in, keep in mind that many of these languages chess pieces are the only words I can say

Here goes I will start with Finnish the King is Kuningas, Queens are Kuningatar, Rooks are Torni, Knights are Ratsu, bishops are Lahetti, Pawns are Sotilas, and check is Sakki. Second we have French: the King is Roi, The Queen is Dame, Rooks are Tour, Knights are Cavalier, Bishops are Fou, Pawns are Pion, and Check is Echec. Third we have Italian The King is Re, Queen is Donna, Rooks are Torre, Knights are Cavallo, Bishops are Alfiere, Pawns are Pedone, and Check is Scacco. Fourth is Catalan: the King is Rei, the Queen is Dama, or Reina, Rooks are Torre, Knights are Cavall, Bishops are Alfil, Pawns are Peo, and Check is Escac, or Xec. Next is Spanish: King is Rey, the Queen is Dama, or Reina, Rooks are Torre, Knights are Caballo, Pawns are Peon, and Check is Jaque. This is the end of part one I will be bring more as I get time to work on it. Thanks for reading this, and if you have any comments on spelling please post the correction as noticed