Future adventures

Apr 15, 2017, 4:15 PM |

I've been on this site for many years, one decade this November to be exact, in that time I have come to know a great number of wonderful people. I have seen their families grow, and they have seen me grow in return. I've encountered deaths of people I played many times, and others just vanish. But this is about my future, chess.com will remain a solid part of me after this break I have taken I'm back and want to share with you all in my future. That is why I'm asking for a bit of help, something I am terrible at, but here goes. For me to attend graduate school in Oman, to study international relations, the total price I am going to have to come up with 31,000 US Dollars(or 12,000 Omani Rial) any ideas or even contributions will be accepted. I work 2 jobs already and I'm planning to work there in the future. So please put forth anything


Thank you Paul McDonald