Poem #1

Aug 12, 2009, 6:38 AM |

This is a really cheesy poem I know. I started this and went to sleep on it so I kinda lost the flow I had going, but I made something work in the end 





Inspired by cupcakewithsprinkles (ccws)


Cupcakes come in all styles,

Some fancy and flashy, others simple and plain

And others that have brains,

Yet one thing in common is

Their all the best they can be.

If I were to choose a cupcake I would be lost

With all the colors, flavors, and decorations

Sitting on the shelves showing their goodies

I would love to greet them all

But I wouldn’t eat them all.

Instead I would like

 To tell them how great they are,

In the mornings, or at parties,

Or any other time that they

Are available to the public.

In the end I would love to say

That cupcakes are the greatest

And there should be more for use in the world

To spread their sugary goodness

For the greater good in the world.