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Some Old Games I Found

Some Old Games I Found

Dec 4, 2012, 8:44 PM 0

While clearing my closet a few weeks ago, I found some notes on which I had recorded four games I played against a handheld chess player (see picture for the exact player!). I decided I may as well post them here.



And I think that's all I have - I might take another look sometime though. All in all, I'm suprised I'd take enough pride from a game where the computer played so badly as to record it - but maybe that's not what it was.

I remember one time when I was visiting my relatives in Cork that I was able to play and beat the computer on level 20 or so. Since I can see the handheld from where I'm sitting right now, maybe I'll do a rematch (best of 2/4/6 games?) at a higher difficulty early next year.

Comments/feedback are welcome!

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