Chess and me, also my thoughts on chess

Mar 11, 2008, 9:10 AM |

I have always been a big fan of chess but i never learned to play so i am starting to pick it up now.  i started just learning the rules and then just reading about the philosophies of different masters of the game ,now i want to learn more about the game and everything involved with it such as strategies, history and styles of play.

i think having a good base in chess can help you in many other areas of life, not to suddenly get overly philosophical but theres nothing wrong with being able to analyze adapt and react to situations current or foreseen. i believe that chess one of few activities that gives you that ability and most importantly...its all kinds of fun. I want to be good at chess because i know that as i get better , I'll be able to have more fun with the game. But I'm not trying to become good over night. i want to take the time and learn everything i can because thats part of the fun.

 I have done other things that made me think "if only i had kept a record of my thoughts when i first ventured into this  i would love to go back and read them and compare themto my current thoughts and beiliefs" well luckly ill get a chance to do that this time around with chess.