One day I'll learn to understand those guys

Jul 26, 2010, 11:18 PM |

It was just Sunday that I had to find out, that some things never change. Something happened that I encountered on FICS as well some years ago - before I took my break from chess.

There are still those people that really waste their time on intentionally losing their games against weak opponent (by playing only a few moves and resigning), only to later accept open challenges from medium players and totally defeating them. So this means that those players have to be relatively strong themselves.

Not that this would really matter, because you see already after the fifth or sixth move that you are playing someone who is not rated 900 but much stronger. But I still can't understand why users like morphyLOL would do that. This childish behaviour might be expected by an eight or ten year old, but they ususally are not that strong players (and if they are, they have a very special attitude to the game and wouldn't do that anyway). Of course this could be a kid using an engine, but I doubt that.

Maybe one day I'll find a psychologist who can explain me what kind of deficit an adult doing this suffers from. In the meantime I'll live with it, and after all it doesn't matter anyway - as long as I can put them on a noplay-list.