Bishop & Knight win

Bishop & Knight win

Mar 29, 2011, 8:48 AM |

hello guys,

after having a relatively easy subject last week (, we'll discuss a more difficult subject this time. nevertheless it's still a very basic concept that everyone should know.

I noticed recently that a lot of players don't know how to finish the opponent off in the endgame. I can assume that you know how to kill the lone king with a queen, a rook or even a pair of bishops. I also assume that you know it's impossible to force a win with two knights against a lone king, and I think you know that it is possible to win with a knight and a bishop. But do you know how to win this last one?

This mate is actually pretty difficult, and occasionally even grandmasters seem to fail at it, resulting in a draw instead of a win.

I will try to explain this mate, but it is pretty difficult.

In order to understand how this works, we will break solution in three steps

1. Force the opponent in a corner. Here's a diagram to see how the beginning of that works:



2. If it is the wrong corner, then force the king in the right corner (the right corner is the corner with a square that is coloured the same as your bishop)

3. Deliver the checkmate

First of all, give it a try! We'll assume that you already have managed to get the king to the wrong corner, but how will play continue?
















Did you solve it? For the people that didn't quite see it, here's the series of moves with explanation:


Important is to watch out for stalemates. Don't leave pieces unguarded when the enemy is almost stalemated, as in the diagram below.
Practice a little bit with the mate and try to remember the patterns! One day you will be happy you did.