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King's Indian Defense as a Plan in the Middlegame

King's Indian Defense as a Plan in the Middlegame

Dec 14, 2015, 2:00 PM 3


Not just a a shield, the King's Indian Defense is also a sword...

In one of my recent games, I took Black in an Italian Game, and in the middle game, I needed a plan - so I chose a King's Indian Defense-style attack, with the thematic f-pawn push.

    Although it wasn't absolute best move in this situation, it was a clear plan, and I followed my chosen plan to a win.

    Suffice to say, my opponent was taken by surprise. The position became very sharp, and in the end I had a very powerful attack.

    Even if you don't commit to a certain kind of opening, like the King's Indian Defense moves or move order in the opening, the middlegame ideas of those openings can be useful to you if you use a less commital opening. This has both the element of surprise, and judgement - you can assess the situation and see which approach will be the most effective. It turned out that White was wide-open to a King's Indian Defense-style attack by Black.

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