World's Oldest Chess set Revealed : Dig It ?

Oct 12, 2010, 7:18 AM |

In Egypt, two amature archeologist excavated on what was supposed to be an ancient recreational area (1200 B.C.), a stack of 64 pieces of white and brown rock tiles (12x12x1 in.) together with 2 sets of 16 pieces  red bricks and gray clay blocks  (2x4x6 in.). They figured out that could be a packable lawn chess or checker set so they try to assemble them, laying 8 x 8 tiles with alternating color on the ground and installed the blocks on opposing sides. (see illustration)

Later that day  after a few games during a break , they manage to locate a vault that contains the scroll with heirogliphic instructions. When they finished deciphering and translating for hours, suprisingly, they found out that the discovery of such items is really the materials needed for the construction of a fish pond.