Pt. 1 of Bobby Fischer’s TOP 10 LIST of the World’s Best Chess Players

Pt. 1 of Bobby Fischer’s TOP 10 LIST of the World’s Best Chess Players

Feb 10, 2013, 3:09 PM |

In 1964, for ChessWorld Magazine, Robert James Fischer was asked to name the Top 10 Best Chess Players in the World. 

Here is his list in alphabetical order: Alexander Alekhine, José Capablanca, Paul Morphy, Samuel Reshevsky, Boris Spassky, Howard Staunton, Wilhelm Steintz, Mikhail Tal, Siegbert Tarrash, and Mikhail Tchigorin. 

Divided into 10 parts (one part per player) each Part will include a brief description by Fischer of each player and a couple of games he played against them where applicable.

 Alexander Alekhine - 1892 - 1946.
Fischer said: “Never a hero of mine. His style worked for him, but it could scarcely work for anybody else.”
“His conceptions were gigantic, full of outrageous and unprecedented ideas. It's hard to find mistakes in his games, but in a sense his whole method was a mistake.”
“He had great imagination; he could see more deeply into a situation than any other player in chess history."  "Many consider Alekhine a great opening theoretician, but I don't think he was. He played book lines, but didn't know them very well. He always felt that his natural powers would get him out of any dilemma.” 

Needless to say, Fischer never met Alekhine OTB, but here is a short sample game between Alekhine and Koehnlein.