Pt. 5 of Bobby Fischer’s TOP 10 LIST of the World’s Best Chess Players

In 1964, for ChessWorld Magazine, Robert James Fischer was asked to name the Top 10 Best Chess Players in the world. 
Here is his list (in alphabetical order) of those players:  

Alexander Alekhine, José Capablanca, Paul Morphy, Samuel Reshevsky, Boris Spassky, Howard Staunton, Wilhelm Steintz, Mikhail Tal, Siegbert Tarrash, and Mikhail Tchigorin. Boris Spassky - 1937 - ?

Fischer said: He can blunder away a piece, and you are never sure whether it's a blunder or a fantastically deep sacrifice. He sits at the board with the same dead expression whether he's mating or being mated.

This is game 18 in Fischer's "My 60 Memorable Games."  

This game was Round 11 of the 1972 WCC.  It was the last game that Spassky won in that match.  All the rest were drawn except for 13 and 21 which were Fischer wins.



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