Baby Steps on Chess: Kings

Baby Steps on Chess: Kings


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Welcome to your second Baby Step on Chess. If you know chess, but you're thinking like, "There must be something more about chess, some entertainment, some kind of attractive medieval atmosphere", this is your place. I'm not going to talk about the same things about pieces that all books say, for example, this piece moves like this, starts the game from this square etc, at least not in the same way. I assure this won't get boring like that.

Today's shining person is not some soldier that you see every day. It's his majesty, the noble King himself( or )! The cruel King is most feared by the lowly Pawns, because the King loves to exercise his authority by eating enemy Pawns. Also the King is very strong against Knights, however, the King is not as powerful as he seems to be. Firstly, the King has a thing for women, so easily seduced by an enemy queen and get captured. He also lacks brute strength so he is no match against the crushing power of a Rook. And, he can also get assasinated by the sneaky Bishop. In some cases, Pawns and Knights can go for an uprising and overthrow the King as well! Every day of the King is full of dangers.

  Soldier Info  
Name: King
Aliases: Schah
Move: One square in any direction
Special Abilities: Castling
Strong Against: Pawn, Knight
Weak Against: Queen, Rook, Bishop

The most glorious and hardest battles take place around the King. His life is so important that you should forget about any principles in your mind when it comes to attacking or defending a King. You can do anything; move your queen into no man's land, use your Rook as a body shield, sacrifice all of your pieces to defeat the enemy King or save yours. A move that you would never do, could be the only one that saves the day. Here is a very good example that shows how things can get very tense around Kings:

As you can see, both armies are trying to launch an attack to the enemy King. White army is going to take the bishop with rook and attack the black King. However, it is Black's turn! Obviously, black wants to checkmate from h2 and end this dangerous struggle once and for all, but the white knight at f1 protects the square. Notice how black pieces converge on the h1, g3 and f2 squares.

Now, I believe it's time to put your command skills to test! Try to devise a plan that both pushes your attack and defends the c7 square.

If you couldn't figure out the solution, don't be demoralized, just click the "SOLUTION" button and read what measures should a good commander take using "MOVE LIST" button.

Altough the King lives in danger,

Mark my words good citizens, all those who have the same colour with the King, lives and dies for the King, and the fate of an entire colour is bound to the fate of it's King. If your King dies, the whole colour is doomed and you lose in shame, so protect him well! Don't forget this, ever!