Basic Chess Fundamentals: Blunder & Ways of Controlling It

For discussion and demonstration purposes only, I have inserted one of my Chess Live Game's here. It is a match against "giedo23". In this game, I experimentally and intentionally made a wild attack to Black/giedo23 at an early stage of the game, by sacrificing the Bishop. Not only that, the main reason of doing so is to create panic for your opponent. He will place all his materials in a defensive position inorder to protect the King. Setting up that kind of attack also deprives your opponent to do an auto castle.
So here's the catch, the moment your opponent will take your heroic Bishop as a sacrifice, you should persistently and deliberately attack the King, using discover check, fork, pin, and skewer. Henceforth this is the time that your opponent will feel the pressure and stress.
Always remember that the moment our mind will be occupied with worries that is time you will experience the so called " BLUNDER". Blunder can be related to as an unseen events that it might be cause due to stress and thinking too much, and that may lead to unpleasant outcome. Another common cause of blunder is the Limited Time alotted. This is really true, because once you are under pressure with time, sometimes you will have the tendency not to think anymore but rather you just go with the flow, moving the materials randomly and even not knowing if you are still doing the right thing.
Anyway, here are the ways that might help you to control the condition called "Blunder". First of all, you should relax, feel at ease, and dont pressure yourself too much. A person should analyze the games at hand first before making some reckless decisions. Secondly, don't get upset with the time left but rather take more time and effort to develop the movements of your chess materials at the best positions on the board. Thus you are limiting not only the space of your opponent but also allows you to steadily control the game one at a time. Third, try to be familiar with at least an opening whom you can develop it on a later games. And above all things, always Pray to God.
Moreover, You can preview the game first then afterwards you can try practicing the tactics later on using the game sequence and/or puzzle that I have inserted below.
Also, I appreciate for your feedbacks.You can Share us your insights about the ways of avoiding blunder through the comments below.