Dysart Open

Mar 22, 2009, 9:33 AM |

I recently played in a tournament called the Dysart Open. It was a small tourney held in a library. Only 16 people came. I finished with 2 points out of 4. The games were pretty fun, with analysis to follow after every round. I beat an 853 in round 1, which was pretty tough. In round 2, I lost in STYLE to a 1915, who sacced his queen and won. In round 3, ironically, I lost to ANOTHER queen sac... and in round 4, I beat a 1559 convincingly.

Even though I went down 4 points, from 1643 to 1639, at least I got 2 guaranteed games in the Iowa Chess Magazine!!!


Here is my round 2 game... pretty well played but, as you know, i lost... NOTE I am black.