Nothing in particular

Dec 6, 2008, 9:36 AM |

New to the site and just starting to figure out what is available.

I have found that vote chess is a bit frustrating if you can see a trainwreck coming and the majority doesn't.  Just vote and get overridden.  Definitely seems a bit like the elections in the US.   (Not happy about the clown we elected, and wasn't happy about the only other option available, who was also a clown)  Can we at least be honest about this?

I am finding that the tactics trainer is extremely valuable in improving my game.  I have tried more than 10% of the total tests available.  In my game I am starting to see how to build the conditions that look like a  puzzle.  (a series of forced moves leading to a positive conclusion)

So the pattern recognition is in development.

I have started studying openings a bit.  It is VERY tedious though.  I am uncertain how much time I want to allocate to it.  (the game is supposed to be fun, right?)

I haven't worked on developing anything else yet.