Platinum Level Game Analysis

Dec 22, 2008, 7:03 PM |

I have done a few of the 2000 level and been reasonably happy with what it tells me.  Okay, so I get my first real game for the 2500 level analysis.

I am thinking...  THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!  I am going to learn so much!Smile

Anyway, early on I am doing reasonably well.  In the middle I figure I am giving up a few opportunities but nothing huge.  In the endgame I am pretty comfortably in the lead and well, check it out.

So I guess I am thinner skinned than I figured.  The analyzer kepr saying, "WRONG!", (next move) "WRONG!", and so on. Embarassed

The analyzer dogged me because I couldn't find the most efficient mate in 9!!!  WHAT?!!!  I probably couldn't have seen it if you gave me the first four moves. (Maybe in this case)

I have to give props to the site for a decent program.  I need that much honesty but really wasn't expecting such a large pile of info.  Perhaps I should have.  I asked for it when I upgraded my account. Yell  haha





Defintely seems worth it.  Again, thanks for the site and tools.