A Poets Perscriptions

Nov 29, 2008, 4:47 PM |

Even paper cuts need stitching, just another poets prescription.

Reason of deduction, only for the dumb shit!

Does ever verse have to make since? Only in the mind of the wordsmith.

Mending broken paragraghs, hoping to be on the righteous path.

Yet why do I have to give you an explanations? Can you leave me to my own contemplation.

For try I as I may, I could never say what you you want me to say!

The remedy is only self prescribed, hoping to be true to my own self before the ink drys.

Friction between giving, and living

Has my head spinning!

For what if what I wrote, was only meant for me, but the moment my word was spoken, I found my broken poetry!

So get the needle, and the thread, for the paper cut is in my head!