As You Walk Away

Mar 23, 2010, 12:09 PM |

I can love you so deep, yet, you should know, I can only do this as long as you don't stand so close.

That as long as you never give me, an I love you, then all my I loves will be true.

As long as you never look me the eyes, then I will forever try.

As long as you never turn to return my kiss, then I can always promise bliss,

and as long as you never call my name, then there will never be pain.

Every day that I wake, and your not there, is another day I can stay near,

for,if you keep leaving in the middle of the night, then I know we will be alright.

Never touch my hand in a tender way, never linger longer than you intended to stay, never allow your emotions to give off a loving display, and never stand next to me, because I can only love you as you walk away!