Apr 29, 2010, 9:26 AM |

I have been asked, what does it feel like to been an ex-con?, and though it may seem simple to answer, its rather complex and strong.

Because seldom it seems that any hear the pretext, of being an ex,...but listen to the part about being a convict.

They don't care that it was my own words that convicted me, because I refused to let a friend go down for me, and I'm not asking them to recognize my integrity.

Nor do I explain, that yes a good layer bought, could have gotten me out of that spot, and at the time I could have gotten the money to drop.

But at the time and... still to this day, I know if the shoe was on the other foot, I would want justice payed.

I don't explain,... how that night there was so much drink, that he confessed to driving, but I still got up to bat, and didn't even blink.

Our laws state, that when a man has served his time, he is free, but this stigma I will always be.

When I tell a friend, they try to act non-chilant but hesitation still becomes them, and you should see faces when it comes to applications and dating.

Yea some girls love the bad boy image, and yes that I have been, but no longer am I him.

Yet, with these scarlet letters I wear, no one cares,

For there minds are already made up.

They don't care that I know I'm blessed to be a live, and no longer do I drive, because even though no one died, that in my mind....

I still paying my debt.....


So no, I really don't know what being an EX-con feels like, because I'm a still a convict in your eyes