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Feb 17, 2010, 2:05 PM 2

Pain,.... Pain is now my closest companion, that and,.....black, black rain.

Tears,.... Tears were you saying good by, as my heart was the only thing to cry,....yet now my vision is no longer clear.

Sorrow,.... Sorrow is now who, I lay down to, yet the hours are so few,....always dreading the morrow.

Grey,.... Grey is the color my eyes see, every morning,.....no more sunny days.

Hopelessness,.... Hopelessness is, what sneaks up behind me, out of no where, strangling me,.... I choke as a prayer becomes a wish.

Sadness,....Sadness is now who sits at the dinner table, made for two, he is there because there is no longer you.....my world is madness.

Hell,.... Hell is real, Hell is all I feel..... as this burning in my heart swells

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