Hind Sight

Nov 12, 2008, 7:00 PM |

I couldn't see what I was doing, holding strong to my pride, like it was manhood when I got with you. I told you all you wanted to hear, even though they were lies

.....you held strong, hoping that all you had seen in me at first wasn't wrong,and the nights I was gone,

I know you didn't want to believe the lies a gave but you did, so I took this as give, and i ran with it.

Not caring about you despairing, and the nights i was there........

I turned a blind eye to every time you would cry...........

because I was jealous........how could you love me so much but I couldn't love you!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

Oh I need you there, not because I cared,

but because if i were alone with my self, I would have to ask questions that I felt

Like why did I have to hurt you , or why couldn't I be true???????

But you have left and I am alone, and you see solitude has allowed me to see all the wrongs I did to you, and I think its pitiful what a man has to go through, but I guess every wise man was once a fool........and now know that I only hurt me when I hurt you, and I realise that I nevere loved me so I couldn't love you!