If I Were A Poet

Apr 24, 2010, 9:15 AM |

If I were a poet,..... I would write you poem,

In it, first, I would say that your pretty...to me.

2nd, I would say something like, your eyes are so magnificent, that they remind me of the eyes of a giant squid.

3rd, I would say something like, If every surround by bunch of trash cans, to my rescue, I would want your sweet fragrance.

4Th, would go something like this, when you come around, I get so nervous, I can barely keep my lunch down.

5Th, and I know this is romantic, you make me feel funny in my legs and stomach.

6Th, I would tell you how, panda bears, and kittens, and puppies, and any other adorable animal on the planet, doesn't compare to your adorableness.

7Th, I would tell your an angel from heaven, but I would find away to say it in ryhme, cuz this is an, if I were a poet statement.

8Th, I would tell you how I will always be by your side, unless your at work, or in the bathroom, or have got a restraining order against me.

9Th, I would say, even the courts couldnt keep us a part.

10Th I would say this distance will only make our/my love stronger.

11Th I would say, oh yea you love me too, you just don't know it yet, but know mater how long it takes, I will wait.

And 12Th I don't think I would number each one of my verses, cuz I don't think thats what a poet does..... Either way, if I were, I would be one of the coolest poets, and you would know it!