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In The Depths

Feb 5, 2010, 9:31 AM 0

In the depths, I sleep, listening while she wept,

is there not a bed, that wont leave a creek in my neck,

nor send pains through my back, shaking me awake from my sleep, yet even more, is there not one that wont leave my heart weak?

In the depths, I sleep, listening while she wept,

Yet upon opening my eyes, I am alone I realize, and these pains are not mine.

Traces of a kiss, but a taste is all it is, yet is it enough to live?

But sleep, yes it was I who slept in the depths, listening while she wept,

the cries and please, where meant for me, but her eyes I couldn't see.

A dream of perpetual conjoinning and loss, where she never answers my calls, surround by stagnant and clouded walls.

In the depts I slept, listening while she wept, counting my breath, knowing sleep is the cousin to death!

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