It is what it is!

Mar 11, 2009, 10:08 AM |

An cold place, but its ok,

I have been in worse,

and at least there is coffee, cigarettes, food and we... don't need to go there.

O yea, I cant forget Ophelia, who welcomes me with with a wagging tail, breaking the monotony, of Marcus Aurelius, and Machiavelli, because I refuse to own a tv.

Escaping ruined dreams, finding work does work for me, because I much rather writing.

though I have sat and stared at the paper more than I have written, though for the drought there seems no prescription.

Hardwood floors, covered with bus schedules, boots and baggage, as if this room just took in a refugee, yet two nights here and in my sleep I still haven't found refuge,

I refuse to cry, though I think it would make me feel better, partly to blame my mood set is this bad weather.

But from what I understand the forecast is looking nice.

Broking tiles and once white walls wake me, but its ok, I am getting paint, then maybe I can sleep.

It hard to igonore the thumps and the thuds, It is what it is, but soon it will be what it was.

Maybe the next break, I make wont taste so bad.

Right now its Cher, Sada, Nena, Eurthmics, and Freddy Fender for lyrical company, but its ok soon it will be 500 plus, all sounding like beacon sizzling!

And I cant wait!

Its time to take Ophelia for a walk.