Keepin It Chess Yo!

May 12, 2010, 12:45 PM |

Me and my crew are online ganstas, pocket protecting pimps, and thugs as long as, around there are no real thugs. And for the chess we have mad luv!

We walk around town, with mean mugs,..... on those, that we know,..... we can beat. Keeping it real in the street.

Kids, naivest, and old men who are past there chess prime, are our prime targets, yo, cuz that's what being hard is!

We wont play women cuz not only would we lose the game but our pride too, so watch your self, when you see us rolling through,

your hood, we are no good,

but you will never know, because our game is only for show, running round talking about lol!

ducking challenges, by saying I only play higher players, because ratings is for haters!

Yea, we rock those tourney style joints, cuz when ladies see that we play chess, that's mad cool points!

I cant tell you how many chicks dig us cuz we play chess, and we never let them see us lose, so they think my crew is the best.

They are all like " oh they are so smart". We have made, being chess posers into an art.

Yea, me and my crew, are so cool, we will own you, unless we are not better than you, so back up cuz there's too much beef, when we only eat vegan food!