Ladies Expectations

May 4, 2010, 8:40 AM |

If eyes upon you, is such a bad feeling, then why do wear that, that is so revealing?

I would think that if you did not want heads to turn, then you wouldn't dress so hot as to try to burn.

For us men, even of the gentle caliber, have a hard time fighting whats in a nature,

And though your a Lady, and from me, you will receive that respect, you fail to see, you have left my mind with little to project,

and to say one has to look hard is putting it light, for one's imagination to take flight,

So I'm still left wondering why is it when, you get mad when your receiving this kind of attention from men?

For we are no more guilty than the sun rising, nor the moon waning, and if all men are dogs, then you know, some dogs, there no training.

I don't think you would jump in a cage, with a steak about your next, and then try to reason a wild animal into respect.

Yet, this is what you do, in the manner that you dress.

And though, I have enough wits about me, to still give you respect and dignity, and no I don't see you as any less a Lady,

yet know not all, can help their cat calls,for us men do have our flaws.

So I want you to realize, that us men see with ours, and not your eyes.

And our thoughts come along with them, even to those of us that are gentlemen, so maybe my Lady, if you wish a little less attention, then consider, most of us men are ruled by our "emotions".

Yet, please don't take this as me telling you how to dress, but more so, when you do dress the way you dress, what to expect.