Lorain Ave.

Nov 24, 2008, 6:14 PM |


you sing songs thought prostitutes, pusher, and pimps, songs of where I was headed, and songs of where I have been.

Sorrowful, songs, songs sung, so sweetly, I know I sound crazy, but you complete me.

I have thought of leaving you many times, but in truth your songs are lullabies for lonely nights,

While your hitting one of your many notes, someone is hitting a lick just to cope.

Outsider are incapable of hearing the songs with in, weather we are chasing our dreams or chasing the dragon.

Cries of, Jay-J don't play with my money, may sound funny,

to those who don't know the plethora of songs you compose.

weather back by sirens, or barrels releasing their bullets, your never silent.

For instance, yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing another one of your songs.

On the way home I saw a Lady of the night digging on her purse for her lipstick.

Oh she doesn't want to apply a dap or two to her lips,

you see hidden with in her case are some stones loaded in a stem, through your songs I see even losers win!

Despite her child hood scars, now she dances in the stars.

I too once danced to your sweet voice, believing inebriation was the only choice.

We free fall with our arms wide open, some of eventually land while others die smoking.

Lorain because of your songs, I know its ok to embrace my pain, and never for get my wrongs!

Your lyric, and rhythm, gives me hope for better living.

Your cord, allows me to move forward.

Fears dry up, and drowsiness sets in, your sweet voice is so soothing.

I know I can bravely close my eyes, knowing in the morning the sun will rise,

but for now oh sing me to sleep, to hear all your songs, and all your cries, I don't have to weep.

Thank You Lorain.

..........This poem was written for all those who have ever suffered from drugs, or drinking. May you find serenity too. Lorain Ave is located on the west-side of Cleveland, Ohio. So much could be said about it, and other streets just like it in other cities. I believe this poem says enough that others have lacked, to say, or see. Everything in life is perspective! I have since left moved from Lorain, but every chance I get I go back. Reminders can be beautiful, and despite the ugliness that can be found on Lorain, I chose to listen to her sweet songs, even if they are sorrowful it still doesn't taint the beauty!!!!!!!!!!!