Morning Meditations

May 12, 2010, 10:18 AM |

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First and foremost,

You are only person I can change,

To forget this

Would be to forget my own name.


Every time I look you in the eyes,

No mater what I should be able

To look there with pride.


When you are wrong I must correct you at once,

And always make sure you have all your necessities,

Yet always questions your desires and wants.


Yes I will remind you that ambitions is good,

But please live simple if you could.


Not all will always like you,

Your beliefs or what you have to say,

Yet steadfast is integrity,

And steadfast you must stay.


Always be willing to

Admit when you are incorrect,

Yet when you do this

Hold your head high with respect.


The hardest thing to do

Is usually the straightest course,

And try not to give in to revenge or remorse.


Kindness, should be your only religion,

And always be willing to give yourself forgiveness.


Always be real with yourself,

So with no others you will have to pretend,

In this, this is how you will be your own greatest friend.


Leave the rest of this world

To its fast fast pace,

Take time to smell the roses,

For life is not a race.


Also take the time to see the

Points of view of other people

For they are your brother and sisters,

For they are your equal.




And just because many

Others don’t stop to render aid,

Never let indifference

Be a bed that you have made,


Yet try to be wise enough

To help those who truly need a hand

Yet if you have doubts,

Then yourself you should never question.


Every time you speak

Your words

Are your ambassador,


Your verbal projection,

Is your soul’s reflection,

So how do you want to be represented?


This poem was inspired by reading Marcus Aurelius's Meditations. I wrote, just as he wrote his "Meditations" with the intention of not showing anyone. However some of my friends were checking out my writings and said that I should show it. This poem is written to and for me, which I try to read every morning. Hope you all like it.