Dec 24, 2008, 8:20 AM |

You had me believing,

Your words were stones, cast against my flesh, cast against my bones.

Your words were cinder block, my legs stuck in their mold, so all I could do was drop.

Your words were a spear pointing at my heart, I was to nieve, so what you said I believed and was torn all apart.

You had me believing, I was deserving what I had been receiving!

Your words were my life, not seeing the wrong, only thinking you were right.

Your words were so strong, they made afraid to try, because I did not want to disappoint your eyes.

Your words were so feirce they stung, and if they were any thincker I would have been hung!

You had me believing!

But now your words have been broken down to what they were and are, From your words I have healed and have no scars.

Your words cant hold me any more, your words, are just words, nothing more!