Parting is such sweet Sorrows!

Nov 16, 2008, 11:24 AM |

Excuse me, do you have a speare? because I have the shakes!

Do you have a Capulet for my Montague? I bite my thumb, but not at you sir, and no I don't want to dual!

For I have cast all my dreams into on basket, Juliet was her name, but whos asking?

I am going crazy and getting there fast, because I am helpless to watch my civil hands collapse,

While my civil blood boils, for I have smoked my salvational rose throught toil.

As I set the scene the stench is of Verona where nothing is far, so let go of your hopes and dreams, who care?

I have out grown my Mercusios, and I find my self nibbling my Tybalts,

And I realize a fool by any other name still remains just as ignorant, my first coherent,

thought was to in brace my death, my second was to take a breath!

Because believing in absolutely nothing is so soothing, and numbing.

So come, one come, listen close as Sir William calls!

...............This poem has a lot of meaning to me though I will not tell you the ready what it means, instead I ask you to analyze it close, and cross reference to Romeo and Juliet. Thats where the answers lie. However, I would rather you the reader let it mean something to you instead of wondering what it meant for me........And of course, yes I love Shakespeare, for he is, in my opinion the best writer of all time.