Pother For The Poet

Apr 6, 2010, 8:59 AM |

Why.....? Now......? How could you?.... Why would you?

wait, this late,

to tell me how you feel, when the only thing between us before was air and opportunity, yet then, it seemed as though you never noticed me.

But now that she is in my eyes, you realize

than I am in yours?

How fair is that, putting my heart in despair, and my mind in combat?

When all that she is, is all that you werent, yet now my world is up side down, because your heart has turned.

Oh God, I would have been better off, if you would had kept speaking soft.

Now your words pierce my heart, a pull my mind apart.

Imprisoned by desesion,

of what I should do, because the truth is, she isn't you, and I knew,

that if ever you called I would come running!

Yet,..... now....how could I, why would I,  make her cry, when she was the one who wanted to fly, while you wanted to stand aside?

Why couldn't you have not spoken sooner? no mater what I do now, I end up the loser. Chose you, chose her?

Why would you bother, a poet with such pother!